Last toolkit update: 3/12/23

Land ownership sits at the heart of the extraction-based global operating system.

To address the issue of land ownership is to address the root causes of the polycrisis: the interlinked systems of capitalism and colonialism.

To change the system we need to change the narrative. We change the narrative by centering land in our work: decolonisation, climate justice, peace - land gives us a frame to work collectively towards a liveable future.

<aside> 🏔️ Help reframe our relationship with the land.

Land Back to Right Relations is something we do together.

Create content - using the research and this toolkit to shift the narrative → Amplify the stories - #LandBackToRightRelations #BackToLand → Spread the campaign - read the report and share the manifesto


How does this work?

This is your guide to sharing with your networks and shifting the narrative on land ownership to be in right relationship. The toolkit contains 6 strands of content for you to adapt for your context:

  1. Call out the problem - using data to expose the biggest land grabbers linking the history of colonization and its complicity in the metacrisis.
  2. Call for Land Back To Right Relations - using this reframe to evoke justice and an ontology of radical relationality.
  3. Share beautiful alternatives - that are demonstrating right relationship to land.
  4. Amplify the manifesto - describing principles of what it means to be in ‘right relationship’ to land.
  5. Bring attention to Palestine - as being the largest land grab in the last 50 years and demand for ‘land back to right relations’.
  6. Call out King Charles at COP28 - as one of the largest land owners in the world complicit in the climate crisis and demand for ‘land back to right relations’.

When will it happen?

For maximum impact, we should start sharing the reframe intervention in the 2 weeks leading up to Cop28: 📆 20–30 November 2023

<aside> 🚨 Why now? One of the largest landowners on the planet – King Charles – is set to open COP28 on 30th of November. His landownership today may be symbolic, but historically the British Empire colonized and land grabbed.

The monarch’s speech offers an opportunity to call out the crown, but also crucially for climate justice activists to raise and link the issue of land use and climate crisis. Let’s use this to show only by following the lead of Indigenous communities and righting our relationship with the land can we achieve climate justice.


The research

Land Back To Right Relations: The link below contains the reframe research from Culture Hack Labs and information on the context and the beautiful alternatives.

Issue 04: Land Back to Right Relations Briefing - Culture Hack Labs

Land data: The link below contains data for land ownership and usage – find a data point that’s relevant to your org and create content highlighting the ways that land ownership and exploitation is is feeding the crises you are tackling in your activism, organisation, or journalism.